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    Welcome to Hua En Industrial Co., Ltd website!

    Transfer/Middleware Transmission/Clutch Engine/Transmission More products

    Company profile Shanxi Huaen Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the South East Ring Road, Linyi County, Shanxi Province, covering an area of 150000 square meters. It is the largest EPC production base in China, an excellent enterprise in Shanxi Province, a high-tech enterprise, A-level enterprise with tax credit, the chief executive unit of EPC branch of China Foundry Association, a comprehensive top 100 enterprise in the national foundry industry, and an AAA enterprise with credit evaluation in the foundry industry. The company has 6 domestic leading LFC automatic cycle pouring production lines, supporting more than 20 sets of medium frequency induction furnace, German pesk direct reading spectrometer, Carl Zeiss CMM, U.S. hexcon CMM, Faru 3D laser measuring arm, metallography, hot metal management instrument, chemical analyzer, hardness tester, ut ultrasonic flaw detector and universal material testing equipment There are more than 400 sets of production and testing equipment, such a......

    Application area

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